Ever wondered if a Commercial CCTV system for your business was worth the investment?, well the information below may help you!

Recently Supermacs founder Pat McDonagh spoke recently in relation to fraudulent claims and Ireland’s compo-culture

With the aid of video footage from their Commercial CCTV system within their premises, Supermacs were able to demonstrate proof of a fraudulent claim.

Footage taken from a Supermacs store in Cork was provided to independent.ie to show an example of the type of claim McDonagh faced.

Fraudulent claim captured on CCTV Supermacs

In that instance, the man made a dramatic fall, an ambulance had to be called and the store had to be closed, When it went to court, the judge commented: ‘Did you ever look at YouTube? Well this is one for YouTube.Supermacs founder Pat McDonagh
 The case was then dismissed by the Court 

CCTV Security

Through the Commercial CCTV system within Supermacs, they were able to both show and prove that the claimant was indeed fraudulent, potentially saving the insurance company a settlement payment potentially between €6,300 to €75,000. From a Supermacs business perspective, no settlement may aid with more cost effective insurance polices, and with the media coverage, hopefully it will help discourage other potential fraudulent claimant in the future

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