Vacant sites can are in danger of encouraging numerous types of unwanted activities such as anti-social activities, the prohibited throwing out of waste or even the illegal occupancy of the property.Below is information on some suggestions and recommendations to be considered whenever securing vacant sites or perhaps when assessing the security of a site.

Transport Entrances

If there are transport entrances or secured gateways to the location this is not necessarily enough of a preventive to prevent trespassing onto the site. Locks may be broken to grant the means to access the location. For that reason, transport entrances must certainly be secured with large boulders or even large rubble that cannot be easily moved . Ditches or even moats should be considered.

Securing the Perimeter

Fencing should be installed around the perimeter that is full of site. Palisade fencing should be considered. If fencing is already in place , it should be assessed to ensure that it has not been damaged and is fit for purpose. A trench or ditch may be dug around the perimeter to ensure security that is maximum. Regular patrols and inspection of the site should be carried out.

Monitored CCTV

Monitored CCTV is an extremely effective way of ensuring the security of the site. To maximize the effectiveness of an electronic security system it should be remotely monitored by a monitoring station . If there is a breach of the site the monitoring station will then be notified . This will allow the m to generate a response that is suitable the breach. Electronic security systems (Intruder Alarms & CCTV) must only be installed and maintained by a Private Security Authority (PSA) licensed security installer.


Lighting is an security that is important and may deter trespassers and reinforce the security of the site.


Signage is a cost that is low effective way of keeping a sight secure and deterring potential trespassers. Signage that should be considered include signs that notify potential trespassers that the property is privately owned and that trespassers will be prosecuted . Where CCTV is in use , signage must be in place to comply with requirements of GDPR. When applicable, community alert and neighborhood watch signs may be of benefit, alerting potential trespassers to the fact that this site is part of a community that is active. Implementing signage puts a personality that is positive the site.

Manned Patrols

Engaging security guarding services can be extremely effective in ensuring the site is kept secure . This security solution provide s the site owners with a visible human security presence and can often be the best deterrent . It also allow s for the site owner to be notified if there is activity that is suspicious the site or an attempted breach of the site.